I Love Gamay was born from the simple love of the grape. There is so much to love about Gamay and we felt like it was time to spotlight our favorite varietal. With over 30 producers from Oregon, California and France backing us up, we want to share all of the deliciously unique qualities that make us excited to serve these wines.

Wine tastings should be accessible, inclusive, and most of all fun. We aren’t into esoteric, hard to follow explanations, but we are into learning more about what makes our Gamay special. Our four day event is all about sharing, learning, and enjoying the very best Oregon produced Gamay. 

It’s going to be light-hearted and lively and the best way to kick off the month of May.

History of Gamay Noir in oregon.

Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, or just Gamay, is a grape varietal grown most notably in Beaujolais and the Loire Valley of France to make red wine. First introduced in 1988 by Amity Vineyards, Oregon Gamay is made in the style of those French regions. Now at least 15 Willamette Valley growers produce Gamay.  Light bodied and full of fruit, Gamay goes well with all kinds of food, which makes it a joy to drink.