Division Winemaking Company


If you needed a partner in crime for discoveries in wine, you probably want Tom Monroe and Kate Norris by your side. The winemakers behind Division Winemaking Co. make a case for Gamay that’s as dynamic as they are, and you’d be smart to listen up.

Tom and Kate began a life devoted to wine in San Francisco over a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir – naturally – in 2005. Both were formally wine educated in France, where they learned the ins and outs of the lesser known Gamay varietal in the Beaujolais and Loire Valley regions. After a few internships in France, they found themselves drawn to Oregon and the opportunity to make their mark as winemakers. Despite being totally new to the game, they found the landscape welcoming. “We were still neophytes trying to figure things out, but eventually you find your people. We’ve received a lot of support from the wine and restaurant industries and we’ve been able to grow,” explains Tom. 

They launched Division Winemaking Company in 2010, and despite Gamay being a small player of the many varietals grown here in Oregon, it had an outsized place in their hearts.

Kate says the varietal’s accessibility is what makes it such a great wine to have on the table. “It’s like if Pinot Noir and Syrah had a baby. It’s lighthearted and elegant. It has more tannins and is fruitier, a combination of light and dark that really satisfies lots of palates.” The best thing about the versatile Gamay grape is that Tom and Kate say it tastes great at nearly any price point, so many Gamay tastes pretty damn good!

As part of the masterminds behind I Love GaMay, you will definitely want to jump in on their Gamay-enthusiast bandwagon. Come by and enjoy the wines Tom and Kate have produced, along with dozens more Oregon Gamays. Join us at the Tasting Salon or the Gamay Collaborative Dinner for thoughtfully prepared seasonal menus to perfectly compliment our Gamay selections. We’d love to see you at both events!

**Thank you Tom Monroe and Kate Norris of Division Winemaking Company**